DUO TRANSPORT routinely carries out transport operations and deliveries on a local and international level with more than 40 modern vehicles.
All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems, so that at any time we have accurate information about where your shipment is
The vehicles have CMR insurance and additional insurance against all risks, thus bringing the security of the shipment to the highest level
We have seamless and thermally insulated solo trucks, providing optimal conditions for the transport of your goods and vans with which we transport fast cargoes across Europe

All trucks are equipped with ramps for loading and unloading and have hand pallets that reduce the costs of additional engagement for forklifts or workforce.

Special services
We also own trucks for special purposes, that is, tankers for collecting fecal waters and a self-propeller for lifting and transporting loads with a telescopic boom height of 12 meters and a weight of 6 tons